Forgive us all

Hand of God in the sky
Is crashing planes that were flying
Till today, he decides to kill.
Churches are closed. Tears of fear
Are dropping out of ears.
You can’t understand his will.

Why he kills and you are here?
Why does he placed you so near
To this fear? To see this punishment.

Are you witness or a sinner?
How many were you pray him?
Is it enough to survive till the end?

He thinks so, and you are watching.
And I’m asking you to touch him.
Please ask his Majesty to stop this punishment.

We have suffered enough,
We are surviving staying tough.
He’s not forgotten, he must believe in us.

We go to church, we make some prays,
But he did not answer “yes”,
He always silent, he has lost our trust.

But now we see, he is alive.
And we are asking second life
For all of us,
For our grandmas and grandpas.

And if he can forgive us all,
We will be faithful and controlled.
He can be silent while we alive.
But if we die, he need to talk
During this not so long walk
To white light in solid black tunnel.

And only then he can decide
Should we live or should we die.
Only there we expect the end.

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