The show

You can’t continue this show,
Because your watchers are bored.
You can keep on to smile
But they know it’s a lie.

And everybody here thinks
That you lost all your mind.
But of course you think that’s alright.

Please stop dancing, it’s end.
Try to look like a man.
To be honest, they watched enough.

But you are asking to sit.
To continue this shit.
I already prepared a gun.

When fire licks up your skin
And bullets crash all your bones,
You are starting to win
A prize that was unknown.
To reveal it all, you are hero at end.
You were so stupid man, that we can not forget.

And while memory flows
Through brand new, younger heads,
They remembering you
And removing their hats.
But not after you, and in honor of me.
Because I was right as you see.

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