No patches or saves

When somebody died,
Then somebody’s right.
And somebody lost
His will and his force.
Somebody just won.
But what does it mean to you?

Yes, we all will end our life in graves.
And in this war there are no patches or saves.
We must fight for the right,
for our truth, that we’ll lose in battles.
And again I complain there are no patches or saves.

I remember their plan to conquer the world.
I remember how many words they have told.
I sorry that I was believing in this dirty lie.

Please help me, protect me, I just want to stay alive.


I just want to admit I however received
Some medals.
But I’m not proud of these bodies
With nine gram metals.
And when my medals outside
And their metals inside.
I don’t feel it is right and I continue my fight

And I swear my message will knock to your empty head.
Until every kind of you will be dead.

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