I’m happy to see and I hope

My decisions are clear as my mind today.
I decided to throw all my bottles away.
I’m happy to see, I’m sober, I’m thinking too much.

I’m running upstairs, missing so many things.
I’m willing to see what the end often brings.
I’m happy to see that the light in the end wants my touch.

This strange feeling inside, I think something is wrong.
I suppose it is hot, but I feel it is cold.
I’m happy to see, that maybe, I’m still right.

My last chance to believe is melting right now.
I can not imagine, I don’t understand how
There is nothing to see except missing bright light.

It is end of the stairs leading me to the void.
But I can not go back – everything was destroyed.
I’m happy to see that at least I reached the end.

So many people I left, so many things were not done.
And I walked through life on my own alone.
I’m happy to see, I missed these useless trends.

I’m consoling myself, I just need this one step.
I divided from void, I just want this to end.
To be happy I need some advice to make this last choice.

And I hope here to hear your loud voice.

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