History of dating

I’ve been invited to a party. This party is from my dream.
I made some preparations and made makeup myself.

I see there lots of bodies. I’ll try to find her eyes.
I know there is someone and she looks like an elf.

But she is not my kind. I like state of open mind.
I will take a pill to see how borders left behind.
And I invite you there, I have some pixie dust to share.
Let’s come together,
I’ll pay for your fare.

Let’s leave this cruel world and travel to the core.
This speed of a sun light leads us to the success.

I found new route even without road.
And I don’t need planes, trains or even cars.

She is not my kind. I’m just arrived to state of open mind.
I just took a pill and released my will.
Does it really matter? Why do I need to find her?

I don’t know.

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