Let me Rest In Peace

If it was my last breath,
Why I don’t feel any pain?
What kind of the sickness
Is living in my brain?

I don’t know the answers.
It’s the end of my sad life,
Passed through disasters,
But so limited in time.

No feelings that can warm me.
My heart stays still and cold.
I’ve seen all of horrors
Of this fucking world.

Somebody tried to sue me.
But what’s the point of it?
I’m proud of all actions,
Whatever that I did.

I can’t be caught crying,
I’m simply out of tears.
When somebody’s lying,
I just close my ears.

I so used to your faults.
And so used to mine,
If it will be my last one –
It’s just another try.

I believe in something,
That beyond the line.
Even if I’m dying,
I’m feeling fine.

If it was my last breath,
Hail my decease.
I just keep on smiling.
Let me Rest In Peace.

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