The only thing

Why it’s so real?
I ask this question.
I’m alone, forgot to mention
That I’m sitting here,
In total silence of my pain.
I only hear the voices
Of this rain.

Just you and me.
What else lasts?
It’s not about everything,
It’s just about us.
It’s how I lost my hope,
Drove off from my straight road.
Tell me what have happened?
Why you have messed all my thoughts?

Now I clearly see.
It’s not because of me.
This man is crying in the clouds,
When my mind is out of bounds.
Your tears wash away
All fears that I may
Experience in favor
Of your strange endeavours.

I’m not believing in such things
Like immortality you bring,
I don’t even listen
What people in church sing.

But I believe in love.
It’s really from above.
It takes you to the highest grounds,
With better weather and sweet sounds.
It makes you better man.
It’s only thing to stand.
And it will last forever till your end.

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