Victim of justice

What a wonderful day –
Nobody got hurt.
There are no victims of justice,
There is only one broken heart.

And I’m glad to admit –
This heart wasn’t mine.
I’m playing on repeat:
My life is full of white lines.

They won’t come close to you,
They are afraid of your shame –
How greedy are you
And how can blame you my name.

You guess you have won,
You are always ahead.
Don’t push too much gas,
Drive slowly, you may play dead.

With no signs of love
On a slippery road,
Such speedy as you,
Will be lost in a fog.

With no plan to survive,
With no map to exit,
It will lead you to place
Where nothing exists.

There will be no one to help.
There will be no one to hear.
There will be no one to save,
Because no one is near.

And you are alone.

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