Old mates

It is time to draw some lines,
They are here to separate
Some old times from current time,
And these things I left behind.

I used to lie that you were mine,
That I will stand till burning fire
In my heart will be extinguished by hard life.

Now my emotion is a smile,
It’s so much happened in the while.
I’ve lost so much, and in my dreams,
I still feel happiness from my wins.

And I can see the final part,
It is so easy if you’re smart.
You can predict what comes next,
And what’s the meaning of the text.

You can deny, you can accept.
And, if you are going to the bed,
Please take a look with whom you sleep,
To stay away from different shit.

And when you’re ready to discuss,
What were so funny in the past,
Just call me then. I will pick up.
We will meet somewhere on the map.

I guess we are much better men,
If will we meet exactly when
It is time to draw some lines,
Separating truth and lie.

And we are two open minds.
Two old persons of same kind.
Sharing what we can not share
With the others.

Let’s rise some glass for what is left.
We have done everything the best,
I think we are an example for the others.
Just it…
We are the brothers.

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