A man of story

I’m think I’m ready to tell story about sometimes how the people act.
Assure you, you can not to worry about it’s end, because it’s a fact.
I’ve went through victories, betrayals. I’ve tested every side of different love.
I’ll get you ready, ‘cose your trials are coming, from underground, from above.

And you’re surrounded by demons. And they can kill the best you keep.
You may be squeezed like a lemons, but you have power to resist.
It’s not a choice, It’s your vocation, you can be anyone you want,
And even if your name entitled with some characters like a “ZonD”.

The open world, where thoughts matter, is waiting for your time.
It’s now!
Despite on every disaster, keep moving forward and somehow.
Nobody is to tell you rules, nobody is to change your way.
Just be a man. A man of story. That’s all I wanted now to say.

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