If you are searching for the happiness –
It can be found in tomorrow.
When nights are long and loneliness
Is good motive for sorrow.

And you are doomed to suffer at
Funereal of freedom.
Nobody can confirm, but that
Is your way to fucking window.

The glass is hard to break, but you
Are trying to refute this.
Hammer in hand, time to go through –
Until you something missed.

Until it breaks, it’s hard to take
And leverage your fears.
Nobody’s here to understand
And dive into your dreams.

You can not fly with sun behind.
With asphalt at the bottom.
And even if it feels so right
And looks a cotton.

It is not cotton anymore.
It’s not so soft as was before.
It’s not the movie from your dreams.
It’s looks the way exact it feels.

It’s faster, faster than you’ve thought.
There’s no way back, you’re idiot,
Unless you’ll find way to fly.
It’s time for you to die!

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