Just another piece of shit

На мотив на поле танки грохотали.

I see that nothing entertains me.
My life is boring piece of shit.
And under oath I surrender
I think I’ve had enough of it.

Continuous sorrow is my hobby.
Goodbye my sweetie, I’m closed.
Under low skies, I feel happy,
And can’t forget what I’ve lost.

I think that I can be potato,
And grow organic and select,
But I’m weed, and it’s over.
You gonna pluck me at the end.

And I will rot somewhere nicely,
Like I’m rotting even now.
How many years you precisely
Give to me to come such undone?

So nothing here will inspire me,
I’m insane a little bit.
Like I’ve said, life is boring.
It’s just another piece of shit.

You won’t blame me and I won’t blame you,
If you feel anger in the chest.
So many options you can choose from,
But every option ends the quest.

I think it’s better to forget this.
Please leave me finally alone.
Put on your clothes, take an u turn.
And follow way to your sweet home.

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