You will never die

She does not call at all.
You have lost your phone,
And it hurts so much.
You think it’s all gone.

Time to flip the switch .
Turn these lights to blue.
Find vein and look
What it’s gonna do.

You have lost all hope.
Tried to kill yourself.
Jumped without rope.
Knocked doors to hell.
But you’ve still alive.
Time to start to cry.
And you realize
You will never die.

You will never die.

Morning opens doors.
Sun is shining through.
Right upon you.
What you gonna do?

You will rise your hand,
Looking for a help.
But nobody comes,
And you think it’s end.


The nastiest taxi
You have ever seen.
Almost useless talk –
What do feelings mean.

You will close your eyes.
Dreams come alive.
Dreams where you are
Trying hard to die.


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