Better Days

I would like to remember better days
When we were tasting snickers, we were eating lays,
When everything in life was relatively new,
And we liked it much, ‘cose not much we knew.

We cared less, we laughed a lot,
And only danger was from pot that hot.
Our moms and dads gave us high five,
And they could teach us all what is this life.

Computer games were miracle for us
And bunch of pixels was a prince in sands.
There was no shit like free to play,
It was okay to get and pay for game.

And dollar was so green and cute,
There was no harassment, no abuse,
No internet, but we had phones
With wires in our own homes.

And finally, we lost it all.
These better days already gone.
Like mom and dad they passed away,
And leave us all alone today.

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