Nobody is so cool as you

Внезапно я потратил всю пятницу на GarageBand и “свел” это. Теперь тут плашка MusicPost.

On a career stairs you are ascending.
What does it mean to us?
You’re brave and you are still pretending,
That you will reach the stars,

But life’s not quite sure of your meaning
In this so cruel world.
It’s time to pack your bags and take coat,
Until it’s get too cold.

When you are frozen
No one is coming.

And you’re just stuck in pile of ice,
Like mammoth, just a tiny-sized.
The sun will rise and shine without you.

Until somebody in next age,
Will descend to your tiny cage
And find out what you didn’t do.

When you are frozen
The help is coming.

It will arrive when it’s too late,
Like fat girlfriend to first date.
I bet, there’s decent chance for you to get a kiss.

It was confusing, but okay,
You thought you better be a gay.
Have you ever wanted live like this?

When you are frozen.
You ignore warnings.

I’m tired, let’s just finish this.
Your career, help and her first kiss –
Just some examples of what I want to say.

And overall, there is one rule.
Nobody is so cool as you.
Watch out…………Don’t hurry. Be okay.

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