I’m sure (the walls)

The walls, the sun above the clouds,
There is no remedy, no doubt
That life was brighter so long time ago.

And while future freaks me out,
I’m writing songs. My own sound,
I’m sure, can change some things
And let me go.

(And let him go)

I’m not the person what you see,
Completely different sort of things,
I’m evil, God and Buddha in one face.

I’m changing world as I would like,
I’m jumping on my Harley bike
And drive away with leaving no trace!
[chorus end]

And there, sure, I’ll find sun,
Get married, maybe, make a son,
And even, maybe, brake those heavy walls.

Tune up my life without cocaine,
Because, I’m sure, I just can,
And I can also do it “just because”

(Just because)


And then my life will be so bright,
‘Cose I’m that “my shining light”,
For wife, for kids and for, I’m sure, myself.

But it’s a tale, I suppose.
This tiny book soon will be closed
And put somewhere deeper on the shelf.


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