People around

People around are dying endlessly
For something good, but how good is it?
Does it fix my brains or ease my pain?
Does it cast the sun or summons rain?

And I can buy it, taste it many times,
And in some countries it is not a crime.
It is major part of people’s life,
It’s so addictive, so I can’t deny
That I simply can’t resist myself.
This drug is love…

I love somebody else.
And from the outside it should feel so wrong,
But who am I to me? C’mon.

It’s already major part of life,
And in her eyes it looks just like a crime.
She takes a knife and stabs me in the back,
And blood drops flow hits clean floor like a rain.

I feel no pain. My brain thinks: “I’m right”.
I died for good. I have won a fight,
It doesn’t look like something wrong to me,
Let’s die for love…
Die endlessly.

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