Bad hand

Nothing will tear us apart –
I have heard this from different places.
But how we have failed –
It’s a state of an art.
This is how people change their faces.

There were smiles, as we played poker,
We have placed and raised our bets,
To check is it still okay
To watch what will be in the end.

On preflop it was the same situation.
During flop we have started to see,
There are millions of combinations
Of people entitled as “we”.

We have waited for new occasions
To blame and to shame on ourselves,
And one thing did break expectations –
On turn, new card entered the game.

There was no more sight of emotion,
Looks like it was so serious shit,
That we have lost all our options,
It was game: you versus me.

Everybody had drown separately
In a river, full of our past,
And we realized that lately
Future can be predicted with cards.

We have opened our hands to each other,
After long and so crazy affair.
Was it Royal Flush or another?
We wasn’t even a pair.

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