There is no chemistry and only money,
And all the chemistry I see
Is this white powder. So, please, honey,
Sniff it all ’cause you’re looking sick.

Here is my Franklin, there’s my Caddy,
Roll it up, put coke on my iPhone,
For sure we’re becoming buddies,
Except tomorrow you’ll wake up alone.

Some reckless driving, blowjob while we’re waiting
For traffic lights to give us greener life.
Fuck it. I know where it’s getting,
I’m here to have fun, not to survive.

I pushed gas pedal, tires are now burning,
We’ve waken up half of neighborhood,
I see, i feel that it is coming,
It’s very, very, very, very good.

Except it’s not. We’ll end up in jail,
In cosy grave, or somewhere in the sea.
No chemistry. No love. Another fail.
Another chance to think what’s wrong with me.

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