The fire

I can feel the fire that is burning inside.
I keep on crying to make it feel right,
With my sudden tears a fireman dies.
I’m still trying to extinguish this fire.

I am.
I’m afraid of myself.
I am.
I’m doing my best.
But still I’m burning and nothing is well,
So let me in and introduce you to my…

So I let the fire to leave my soul,
You will be burned, even if you are cold.
Trees are burning, all nature is lit,
Preachers are praying to save you from this.


One thought on “The fire

  1. Anima

    Maybe instead of poetically wanking off to your struggle like every random idiot who thinks he is an intellectual.. try to ask if someone wants to help work on taming that fire within you. Constructively.

    It would make you BE better. The rest is just cosmetics. Without active exchange there is no real change. Only pretense.


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