Cheap dreams

You’re dreaming, you’re living, it’s success!
No matter if something is wrong,
You’ll be sitting and making new orders
From your gold and platinum throne.

A joker can joke of your future,
It’s already predicted in stars.
Believers are avoiding their tortures,
Otherwise you are starting some wars.

And you are king!
And they obey you!
And if not,
You are ready to kill.
But no queen.
You have conquered
All the states
From abroad and within.

Your preachers pray for your next day to be nice.
For your future to be as a wind,
Blowing over your seas and landscapes,
Real properties of various kinds.


And sometimes in the palace of shaming,
Or the palace of victories, right?
You are thinking alone of your future
Or how will it be, if you die?

All the trophies collected in vengeance,
All the gold, all the platinum seem
You were busy revealing your tension
In fulfilling of your cheap dreams.


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