I want to sleep,
Counting some sheeps.
I want to dream,
About big ice-cream.

But there is no time,
It was lost somewhere,
With somebody was shared,
And alarm calls.

This dream was mine,
And I prefer be there,
But nobody is caring,
How to open my eyes.

Let me sleep. Leave me alone,
Or me with my girl,
But I want to dream,
Baby please don’t scream,
That I’m fucked out,
Whores? What about?
So I love you too.
Let’s sleep,
I want you to this do.

Вот напивалось на сонную голову. Учитель английского конечно бы плакал слезами, но что тут поделаешь, поспи с мое и понервничай – сможешь войну и мир накатать

(C) ZonD80

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