Сегодня я побывал на экскурсии в Аушвице, 1 и 2 (Биркенау). Хочу сказать, что человеческая психика очень гибкая, и может адаптироваться почти к чему угодно. Не только к убийству почти что миллиона человек, которое совершили около тысячи других человек, но даже и к осознанию всего этого. Сначала я прямо плакал, а потом я устал плакать и просто ходил по лагерю с чувством ужасной тяжести. Это не та тяжесть, которую привыкли все испытывать за свои поступки, это просто попытка осознания того, что тут произошло.

Удивляет другое – с немецкой точностью, грацией и контролем, за прозрачными заборами (а ведь была только колючая проволока под током и рвы) был построен целый город, единственная цель которого была – убийство. Ну или рабский труд. Построен теми, кого убивали и эксплуатировали. И опять просто не умещается мысль, как это могло произойти в принципе и работать так долго.

Впрочем, не мне судить, я могу лишь могу попытаться понять. Тяжело. Очень тяжело.

Вам там следует побывать.

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  1. Anima

    When I was 19, I had a vision after reading “Crowds and Power” by Elias Canetti. That gave me my purpose. I was looking to undo Fascists manipulating big crowds of people- helping them express and develop themselves instead. In essence that is still what I try to do.

    You’re welcome to join me sometime.

  2. Anima

    One last comment, and just because I wanted to comment on this for a long time.

    You know that every single one of those “ordinary people”, on which many studies exist, was as evil as Hitler himself. Millions of killers. And those bystanders and facilitators- most of them continued their lives as if nothing happened after the war.

    What this, and other dictatorships, show is that ordinary people- if they BELIEVE they have to follow certain structures and systems, and cannot deal with their emotions, will eventually become able to be monsters. The system wins- unless you eliminate the system within you, and get rid of those boundaries and rules.

    As an IT person, you live with rules, and your job requires it. That is ok- and it is also ok to want, even demand, perfection within a certain system. However if you subject people and your psyche to a lifeless, inhuman idea of perfection, you will loose. Life is not rigid.

    The whole issue with the tech scene is that fascist technocrats full of hybrid, with insane ideas of how life is supposed to bend to their will, are allowed to pull some strings. This will eventually not improve LIFE, only some processes. And look around you: how many genius improvements or real genius do you see?

    Some bloody mar-tech, e-commerce optimisation that makes amazon workers piss in bottles, etc. etc.

    A truly ENLIGHTENED world would have it all be done by machines (they can take lifeless perfectionism), and have humans do the REAL job- that of fixing what dictatorships, and too rigid mindsets all over the world have damaged.

    So if you wan to UNDERSTAND those mass killings.. look inside, and look at people all around you. And you will understand how this could have happened. We make choices, they repeat daily, and if the choice is to be rigid and follow the rules, at some point this mindset will become murderous to either our souls, or those of others.

    a song that I find very fitting (like all his songs a bit bizarre): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgDj2ujMtVM

    I was this rigid too- I am so happy I at least could escape that. I want no more of that prison, or that pain ever again in my life.

    I hope you will find freedom, Alexey.


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