I’m calling you from the depths of despair.
I let my behavior to flip once again.
Nobody is here and nothing is fair.
Pickup the phone and ease my pain.

I have many words I would like to tell you,
I have many dreams, I arranged them all,
Despite of my tries and everything I do,
Nothing is happening. Nothing at all.

It makes me numb. I can’t even breathe,
I’ve just lost my last reason to even exist.
Pickup the phone, I need my pain eased,
I need someone to understand this.

Sadly it’s you. The last of my numbers
Of friends, lovers and people I know.
I called them all, and only answers
Are beeps that are dying in endless hang on.

Beep. Beep. Come on, it’s pretty easy.
You don’t even know how happy you are.
Seconds of voice, for sure, can save me
From the depths of despair I dove so far.

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