Please hear my voice

Now I feel guilty,
It’s so much more
Than we can handle or prepared
In relationships before.
I’m afraid of my last answers,
I’m sorry for my choice.
Please hear me
I’m making noise.

I just want you to be back.
To kiss your lips
Or kiss your neck.
I adore you every time,
When I see –
You isn’t mine.

Even if war hurts so bad,
It makes me numb, it makes me sad.
I feel guilty for my choice –
Leaving you alone.
Please hear my voice.

[chorus x2]

One thought on “Please hear my voice

  1. Anima

    I definitely like this shit. 😉

    Guilt is an unnecessary feeling. Or one that must be eliminated by making choices more consciously in the present. I rarely feel guilt. Some say I should but I have never hurt an innocent and only people who had it coming. So you see.. a little more effort and energy spent on making informed choices every day amounts to very fast very informed and clean choices later.

    I spent this time but lacked the time invested in thinking about ways to make money. Everyone somehow makes good and bad choices. It is why I say: work together if you can and exchange knowledge. To make everyone better and more perfect. (In nice ways)


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