Your democracy

It’s your democracy –
To kill and deny everything
Marauders are playing in the town
And goverments are coming down.

The money and petroleum
You have it – it is way to doom,
If you won’t share it with each other
You may be killed by your father.

Do not forget about opposition.
To depose you – it’s they mission.
They will pay to your community,
To make you jailed or dead and free.

But no way to hide and seek
You must be strong, but neither dick.
To satisfy each of people,
While their rage is going deeper.

All the people can’t hold on,
While something terrible is going on.
They will come out to squares
And ask: “Is anybody cares?”

But no answer they receive.
Because you have nothing left to give.
You are calling for army tanks,
Until they began to robbing banks.

It is natural instinct
To save your money little bit,
But the people more than gold.
This everyone knows but no one was told.

(C) ZonD80

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