Chrome & Mouse

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Google Chrome asks me to do to enrage
Of closed connection, when i can not talk
About tomorrow romantic walk.

Click or don’t click, the select it is,
Am i ready to do this?
Moving my mouse so slowly and tired,
Am i ready to change my mind?

Windows selected, does not asking at all,
Closed all windows, and leaves me alone.
Shut down computer with deep black screen –
The fearest thing i ever have seen.

So what will i do to prevent coming tears,
The destruction of this fear
Of electronic science, wich does not understand
Who is holding love in a hand.

And with broken mood, with broken heart,
I try to sleep tonight, but the sound i have heard
Does not make me sleeping or dreaming a lot.
It talking to me, that connection was lost.

(C) ZonD80

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