Take my apologies…

Clocks are ticking too loud.
There is no time for dreams for now.
But only this think, that i want to drink
To paint all this world from gray to pink.

With sunny cars, sunbeams on the roads,
Visible for all people that thoughts
That money and jobs are not such main things,
Like, for example, feelings drinks.

Birds are singing too loud.
They say “Goodbye” for now,
But they will arrive at summer again,
To take away all my pain.

This paradise doesn’t like as my life,
Everywhere i’m drinking with knife.
Not to killing and replenish my means,
Just open bottles marked “only after eighteen”.

Something comes darker, it’s end for my drinks.
World coming closer, breaking my needs,
And when i am drunk, i can not do this,
Take my apologies…

(C) ZonD80

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