Russian song

Hey, everything we want to say:
“We drinking vodka every day”.
We do not want whatever loose,
We checking our pulse!

Here it is, we still alive.
We worked to pass up to five
Years, to complete our plan.
But now is not USSR.

We meeting bears every day.
And everything we want to say:
“Go to Red Square and you will
See lies Lenin – he’s ill!”

We have some rockets for USA.
We push red button every day.
But nothing seems whatever works.
Please, live again, our folks!

Our goverment tends to break.
But it is making a mistake.
Demography is out of style.
Computers, sex are for a while!

How do you like this country now?
Are you imaging we can how
To live in this, this is part of shit.
Yes, we try a little bit!

We wake up early every day.
And everything we want to say:
“Please, live somewhere outside,
If you have a clear mind!”

(C) ZonD80

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