Dreaming sea

You are walking to the sun.
You so tired after run.
You are able, want to see
The sunset in the sea.
The sun is blinding,
Highlighting waves too.
It’s possible this is an ending
Of things you do

It is the red sun in the red light,
And you are waiting for the night,
When nature and your tired mind
Will take a brake in longest fight

How can you see,
You having rest
On the stone almost in the sea.
It’s possible it is the best.
You’re so wedded into this.
You are waiting for the moon.
It is the time of full peace,
That will be broken so soon.

It is the red moon in the red light,
And you have waited for the night.
The nature and your tired mind
Became together, won’t to fight.

The dark water in the see,
Pretty noise of the tree
Making atmosphere of love.
But, you said yourself: “enough”,
Took your clothes, put on shoes.
Woke up in the crumpled bed.
How many did you loose?
It’s possible it is the end.

In the red room, with the red eyes
Was no different compromise
To deliver yourself to dream, just sleep.
To put yourself in the deep
Of night dream sea.
And you will see
That you sit on the stone
Almost in the waves…alone.

(C) ZonD80

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