The time of dreams

The happiest time of my life
Begins when you deny
Another man standing in front of
My feelings and opposite me
Now he is free.
There is no place for sorrow in my mind
My soul is full of love light
And now you and me are becoming together
My personal through it will be forever
And ever and ever and ever and ever
We lose our controls, we doing such things
Like crasy driving. Do we believe
That we are so crasy and we in one room,
Wont be out of hospital soon?
There are no such doctors
To make cure for us
And i think we must
To be ill.
And kill our sorrow.
I will
Meet you tomorrow.
We will drive to different places
And maybe we will test our car.
But about sex and kisses
I am dreaming far.

(C) ZonD80

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