Unreachable point

The bird’s flying is to high.
And you attempting reach this point.
You didn’t make by God to fly.
Enjoy this moment.
When you come down from the plane
Without parachute behind.
And on the landing you can play
With only mind.
The fox’s running is too fast.
And her run is full of glory.
And you can not be the last.
But it’s another story.
When you drive you fastest car.
Your speed is almost like a flying.
But fox can easy make her turn,
While you’re dieing.
The fish is hiding in the deep,
That you can not see through water.
Dive down there from the ship.
Like you are starter
The exploring of the sea
Of people hopes and people cryings
Now so easy you can be
The man, do not afraid of lying

(C) ZonD80

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