I like this life a lot

I’ve got a broken heart and a dirty soul.
And you know what?
I don’t care at all.
When I often hear someone needs a help,
I just want to see how he goes to hell.

I deny respect, who are you to rate
My ideal trust in myself and fate?
I can fuck your wife, I can kill your cat.
It’s fortune for you that we never met.

Meanwhile let me say again.
I’m fucking, drinking, smoking man.
I’m mature, yes, but I’m not too old.
I can say that I love this life a lot.

I can drink whole day, that’s how I exist
I’m dick in ass as your clearly see.
But you’re not a gay. And it’s sounds so sad.
I remember how I fucked your dad.

It was lovely night, he was riding bike.
After night he clicked in Facebook like.
Don’t be angry, bud, everything’s okay.
There is nothing wrong to be a gay.


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