Nuclear wind

I’m feeling light breeze that licks my skin on this burned land.
Nuclear wind, with death inside, goes through my head.
And strange ideas, i’m suffering from, can’t leave me the same.
I want to find some answers to questions who’s to blame.

Listen what I say, I want to be heard until I’m done.
Forgive my mistakes, stop pray for me, I’m hunting the sun
That shining upon our broken world and heating our rage
To fight with each other, to kill our brothers for profit and faith.

What we received? How many we spent? Most of us dead.
We shown our power. Now we are at an expectable end.
We need to build, we need to live, to start life from scratch.
I would like to think, it is over, it was final match.

What are you doing? I’d like to stop you, but it is too late.
Why are you building your weapons again to annihilate?
No lessons you learned from history and lots of deaths.
Sometimes there will be no one with profit and faith.


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