He is only one

I woke up today in sorrow.
I don’t love my stupid wife.
She so fucked me to borrow
Rest of goods of all my life.

I explained my opinion
How our union should be.
But I see no understanding –
She is blaming only me.

I’ll continue to move forward.
I’ll drop her but my son.
I can take one man on board.

He is only one.

I must confess I’m to tired.
I have no power to fix this.
I’m even think it’s unfixable
So I prefer it rest in peace.

It’s how families were built, and
Look how they easily destroyed.
This feeling never leaves me –
My love is wasting in the void.

But not my son is hole of nothing.
His time is waiting just to come.
We both with you agree that

He is only one.

And during growth he won’t surrender.
He understands me even now.
He knows who here is insane, and
Why father come today undone.

And he will think that something’s broken.
You know, it actually is.
It’s not my fault as was spoken.
She is responsible of this.

The time will cure all these problems,
But we must go through broken home.
And one by one we swear ourselves:

He’d never be alone.

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