Motherland calls

Why do you think that your motherland acting right?
And don’t you know that it is calling for you?
To join bloody carnival of the fight
You need to find the truth!

You need to survive! Be alive till it ends.
It’s bunch of such things that you don’t understand.
You need to scream! I want to hear your voice.
Prove that your homeland made not wrong choice.

You prayed for celebrities from TV.
You smoked some cigs on way home.
Some rap shit is playing again in your ears.
And you are bad to the bone.

So sign contract, take brand new gun. Make others suffer.
Make it for fun.
Make it for real. There is no mercy.
Smile always, smile like me.

Be proud of yourself. You’re my best mate.
I’m reading your name engraved on the plate.
Nobody’s the same. You were a star.
I’ve never thought you will be going so far.

And now let me stand. In honor of fame.
I’m throwing some cents in Eternal flame.

And I remember your voice. But motherland calls.
God. Please save us.

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