Endless street’s heaven

You are walking alone into endless street, and the sunshine begin to hide.
Headphones in ears making louder bit, and now you decided to try.
Try some wonderful things like love full of sins, and something that doesn’t bore you.
This special night, this special time – all on your mind becomes true!
Welcome to heaven. In this little world you can do everything whatever you want.
You can imagine some cats, jelly beans, so you will get whatever you need.
But, please remember one thing as I told, it’s like a reminder from God:
Don’t expect any safety, don’t put on success. Thin line separates you from the mess.
But you don’t see any line on your way. May be it means that is okay.
Light breeze just touched your dress. You took off headphones. This was a test.
You are walking alone into endless street and the moonlight isn’t looking on you.
Only in mind all your desires quickly transforms into true.
But this is reality. It is so sad, that no one has come to your date.

(C) ZonD80

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