Right side

I have found you,
When your life was in ruins.
You were lost among your sins
And were diving to abyss.

Tried to catch you up,
But, as always, I have failed.
I’m not going to be saint,
But I’m nailed to the cross by nails.

I’m gonna die with you
Tomorrow or today.
Depends on what games do we play.
What pills make us okay.
I’m gonna live my life.
There is nothing normal in disguise.
But I’m still thinking, I have chosen
The right side.

Apologize for what I’ve done.
Something in you just holds me on.
Addicted to your style of life,
A style I cannot deny.

So what if I leave you? You bastard!
It will be the largest disaster.
Who can survive on the wrong side of heaven?
Just you and me. As always. Forever.


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