I can swear with my hand upon my heart:
You won’t hear any lies from me.
My imagination and my art
Will be dedicated to your dreams.

I still can explain you in the silence,
I wish the same somewhere in my mind,
While something good takes and surrounds us
In the rays of slowly dimming lights.

And we can say to all who knows –
This feel was given from above.
We urgently demand some time for love.

I want to kiss you and to squeeze you,
And you will let me to do this.
You have asked for the answer –
Here it is.

Even if we don’t know questions,
And we are too dumb to see
How it’s good to be the dreamers
Of the future branded “we”.

It is time for new beginnings,
Till this night will come to end.
I can’t wait for heights that we…
We can achieve in our bed.

And while we are having fun,
Oh my time, please hold the sun.
We need this night until day has begun.

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