There is no future in tomorrow,
As well as heat from sunlight.
Life is turning into horror.
There is no one, who is right.

And it is threatening your nerves.
You are desiring something new,
But same and bored sad old stories
Are in the ears and in view.

While bridges are still burning
It is time for your turn.
You can be a newcomer,
You can do it, come on!
They believe in your failures,
But you can bet on your luck,
You are still may be savior,
While everyone sucks.

What if the way that have chosen
Was an early mistake?
How long till you fix it
And how much will it take?

Who will die in the progress?
Do you need help from friends?
Or you prefer to be lonely
Without sign of sense.


There is no land with asylum.
You must to pass through it all.
You must to take any volume
Of shit above and beyond.

It will be not so easy,
But you are smart to decide,
Which bridge today will be burning
And which is staying alive.


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