There is nothing saint in this fucking world.
Gonna be al right, but all rights were sold.
You still see the sun, but it doesn’t shine.
You can think that it’s yours, but it’s mine.
Simply you are loser.
Why you’re so confused?
You just fucked up your fame.
You already chosen 
Way of fucking loser
And only yourself you allowed to blame.
Please left the things as they are done.
Please stay in ass, it is so fun.
While you are diving, I’m rising up.
Please share girlfriend with my friends.
In any way, it is the end.
Go kill yourself and save the world from you.
And when you dead, I wouldn’t cry.
It was yours,  now it is mine.
I’d like to play this funny song for you.
This awesome music in your brain,
I filled your ears full of pain,
You will remember
My loud perfect voice.
(C) ZonD80

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