Total silence

I’m glad to not miss you.

Your total silence is a sugar for my brain and for my soul.
Without your voice i’m free to select, to do what’s on my own.
And I feel happy, some fire is playing games inside of me.
I want to live, I want to breath, I can believe!

When you closed the door, it was so loud as a forging of the steel,
And I was shocked, it’s absurd. Why you can’t believe the words from me.
So many words from TV were stuck inside your dirty piece of mind,
Sorry my girl, as I said, you are not my kind!

And we can’t be always together.


Last time when we were together, you began to change my world.
I wanted that you did not do this, so this is not my fall.
Can’t see your limits. You will bet all money on glamour.
I’m tired of this. Leave me baby, I’m not a fool.

It can’t go on forever.


(C) ZonD80

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