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Итак, пообщался с ботом ( берите его mail: [email protected] ):

1:36 AM
You were reconnected to Google Talk at Tue May 22 01:37:31 2012.
hey there im ashley 21 female from florida. u?
I’m Alexey from Russia, so?
oh cool! im sooooo bored.. i feel like getting on my cam. do you want to watch?
My messenger does not support video calling
k well my webcam is linked through this website so that i can not be recorded
so you will have to sign up there. is that ok?
LOL, I can record you via screen capture every time
ok its super easy. just go here ТУТ_БЫЛА_ССЫЛКА_НА_ПРИВАТНЫЙ_ПРОН,ДА! and click on the goldish JOIN FREE button at the top and fill out your info. ok?
I have already recorded thouthands of adults, so would you like to be next in my private library?
also it does ask for a credit card when u signup but its just 2 make sure you are over 18. it dosent charge it.
cant let the kids see my boobies. hehe.
I have no CC, it’s Russia. There are only bears and vodka here
hurry up babe i want to have some fun. if u know what i mean 
Can you rescue me out of Russia? I can see you IP address and your location, so i want to meet you
lets talk on the website when you get signed up. my messenger is messing up here.
I’m using 56k modem, internet connection is sooo slow. Let’s chat only. Our conversation can be hot!
Less than a minute ago at 1:45 AM
Are you here?
(C) ZonD80

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